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WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS! Special thanks to our UNIA-ACL Baltimore division 106 Ambassador At Large Sister Charlene for always keeping us aware. In June of 2015, an innocent Keith Davis Jr. was cornered by police in a West Baltimore garage where they shot at him 44 times, striking him 3 times. In reviewing court transcripts, interviews, and other relevant documents, it has been uncovered/ proven 209 problems and lies made during the trials of Keith Davis Jr.’s case that prove his innocence. Well now a Baltimore city judge has ordered Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to appear in court to defend allegations that she violated a gag order on the murder case of Keith Davis Jr.The Judge has ordered Mosby to court August 12, so she explain why the JUDGE should not hold her in contempt of court for violating an gag order. Mosby name is all over the paperwork of the case! WE MUST SPEAK UP, VOTE PEOPLE OUT OF OFFICE, TO MAKE CHANGE. TALK IS CHEAP!!! If you want info on the Keith Davis story check below.

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We are very proud of our latest event. We have been grinding and it was great to do an awesome event in a black community. We had the Maryland governor candidate John B. King speak. Maryland Delegate candidate Caylin Young came out and blessed us with his presence as always. The back lot was jamming great music. In the front we had a hair show, black owned vendors, more good music, the UNIA table was in effect, children’s games, and much more. Special thanks to our vendors: Island Girl Kitchen, Alvin’s Flavored Candy Apples, Deliciously Deviled by Shar, Diva On Call, Shane’s Sensational Scents, Grandma Louise Pies, DainTee Jewelry, Zhaebre Boutique, Braid Maker, Island Girl Kitchen, Tops Unisex Boutique, just to name a few Maryland Delegate Candidate Caylin Young came out to show the UNIA love

Maryland Delegate Candidate Caylin Young came through as always to bless our event!

Maryland Governor Candidate John King speaking to the Baltimore Community!

UNIA and African Legion member Mujaheed Dukuly protecting the area in background


This event is specifically for the Black community, in a black community, with black owned vendors. Support is needed if you are about RACE FIRST!!

We will have live music including drumming, a live DJ playing great music, food, games, children’s activities , and much more Come out and bring your whole family, also acknowledge a black father!! Click the video to see some of last years entertainment!!


It is time to spread the teachings of the Honorable Marcus Garvey!! We will be at a lot of events this year. We were blessed to be apart of two events last weekend. The Universal Negro Improvement Association – African Communities League Division 106 BARCA-CLARKE plans to be hitting the streets to speak to the people. If you have an event, need speakers, or just know of a place where we could spread GARVEYISM, contact us at [email protected]

Also for more events, and meeting info text the word ” meeting ” to 877-804-2152


If you missed our first event, you missed a cool, very chill, uplifting day for the Erdman Avenue community our next events will May 21 at the YNOT LOT on North and Charles and then May 22 with that location to be determined Our goal for these events is to provide black owned vendors a place to be supported by the community we also use these events to provide powerful info about the UNIA and our culture to the public come out and support Get some great food and products Get your RBG flags, Garvey Voice magazine, and much more for vendor info contact president Everett at at 443-466-0433

HEC at the UNIA-ACL International Headquarters in Philadelphia

It was history ! Some of our most prestigious Garveyites / UNIA members made history attending the 2022 HEC conference Not only was the HEC a phenomenal event, the process of restoration began as cleanup started! Great job to all the UNIA members who dedicated their body, mind, and spirit to coming together for the work of our nation!!!


We will be out in full effect Sunday June 24th come out and support Black Owned Vendors Get great products, great food, and be around a positive place vibe! We will be out supporting, passing out literature, selling flags, selling the Garvey Voice, and much more. look forward to some good music and even speakers

Black Flea Market Season 3
April 24th. 2022
3525 Cliftmont Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21213

Five Bills introduced at Maryland General Assembly WE ALL NEED TO BE AWARE OF

Much respect and love for our Division Ambassador At Large Charlene Rock-Foster for keeping our Baltimore UNIA-ACL division up to date with all of the information going on in the Baltimore Community. As a division we are striving to be more active in our community politically.

This is just four of many. Also included are instructions on creating an account if one wanted to track what is happening with the bills below.

HB0077: Prohibiting a person from committing motor vehicle offenses related to overtaking and passing vehicles, driving on the sidewalk, and reckless and negligent driving while operating a dirt bike; and establishing penalties of imprisonment not exceeding 1 year or a fine not exceeding $1,000 or both for a violation of the Act. (B360 is pushing back against this legislation for it criminalizes dirt bike riding, )

SB309: Local review board: to add civilians to the accountability board for Baltimore City’s local control of its Police Department

SB0053: Requiring a law enforcement officer who takes a child into custody, interrogates or charges a child with a criminal violation to provide reasonable notice to the child’s parents, guardian, or custodian; requiring the notice to include the child’s location, the reason for the custody action, and instructions on how to make in-person contact; prohibiting the interrogation of a child by a law enforcement officer until the child has consulted with a certain attorney and a notice has been provided to the child’s parents, guardian or custodian; etc.

HB1: Establishing that, on or after July 1, 2023, an individual in the State who is at least 21 years old may use and possess cannabis. At that general election, the vote on the proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be by ballot, and on each ballot there shall be printed the words “For the Constitutional Amendment” and “Against the Constitutional Amendment”, as now  provided by law.


You can enter the above bills in the search bar to pull up the details. To create your personal page, go to the website, click on on MyMGA Icon in the upper right hand corner of the page: 


The frustration of Baltimore city residents was on full display Tuesday night 12/7/2021. Several community associations decided to come together to get an agenda to make change. Mrs. Barbara Jackson – Frankfort Community Association, Mr. Moody (Cedonia Community Association), Mr. Wall Harbel, Zina Moore (Housing Director), Ms Shannon (Regional Management), Dr. Brooks from BCPSS, Ms. Gloria (Harbel Director of Community Relations), we’re some in attendance.

Members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association- African Communities League Baltimore Division 106 Barca-Clarke we’re also in attendance. Lady President Narcessa Davis made her presence known by demanding that it is time to stop talking and start demanding change. “ Sitting around talking about what’s going on will not help our community! We need to come up with an agenda and put pressure on our elected officials for change.” Community members spoke up with frustration! Some of the issues were violence, drugs, help for the elderly, outlets for the youth, the lack of homeowners, the school system, and the lack of outreach programs were just a few of the issues.

“ It’s the duty of the UNIA to defend and unite the black communities” said Division secretary Brother Everett who will become president in January. “ We have emailed, and we have called. Now we will email as a community and call as a community. If they refuse to make change we will vote them out and get someone in there that understands QUID PRO QUO ( a exchange or favor for our votes).

The people at the meeting have decided to first email and write letters to the city council members as well as calling. But it’s only the beginning. They have discussed going taking it to the next city meeting and letting their voices be heard. More importantly the UNIA is working to bring all the community associations city wide in Baltimore together. They will be reaching out to other community associations to have a meeting and here their concerns.

The main concern with everyone at the meeting seemed to be the violence and drugs. Mr Wall Harbel says “Community policing needs to come back!” It’s a shame, the lack of confidence in the city officials to where the community has to start policing themselves. Ms Barbara Jackson of the Frankfort community association who has been involved for over 20 years, as well as other community members mentioned elders in the community need a center and that it has become dangerous for them. It was mentioned that there isn’t enough resources for the youth and young adults. “ They have nothing to do but walk around and smoke weed! Where are the up to date community centers, where can the kids that can’t play sports go”!

Congrats to these community associations for coming together. Please contact us if your community is in need of help with these issues or something else. The time is now for change. Email us at [email protected]