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Last Wednesday, the West Wednesday coalition held its rally on the corner of Lafayette and Wolfe Streets to lift up the family of Timothy Fleming who was killed by Baltimore City Police on May 16th, 2021. To date, the family had been living in the same house where they saw him executed in the midst of his mental health crisis and live daily with the trauma of the tragedy. The coalition, with the help of Timothy Fleming’s sister Angela Sutton created a GoFundme account to raise money to move out of the house. To date, the funds have been raised with more to come to ensure the family has enough funding to cover moving and living expenses while healing from the trauma of sanctioned violence. The link to the website with more information:  https://gofund.me/5761363f

Baltimore Ceasefire weekend 11/5-11/7 recap:
“This weekend this city lost five community members, including a 60 year old man in my neighborhood. If anyone has been following the multiple platforms Baltimore Cease Fire has, the messages have gone out with the call to share and attempts were made to reach the families to give them monetary support and love-it’s the other component of BCF in response if the spirit of murder shows up. That spirit showed up five times, and from my experience, it’s the most individuals killed on a weekend designed for the self-determination work to affirm life, with also at least three additional individuals surviving the shooting. This is a very heavy load to process and I suspect I’m not the only one doing the processing. I also can’t deny the myriad of feelings behind the loss of lives when there was great intention to affirm us as a collective.
While the spirit of murder was showing up, the spirits of life, care, compassion, community and self-determination too showed up this weekend. Peace and wellness walks to engage with the community took place. To see people moving the way they were, making more connections, and having  dialogues about what we can do to be healthy as a community incentivize me more to keep going and keep focus. I even reconnected with a member of Temple of New African Thought  who was also on one of the community walk and received mental health resource information from him. 
There is what we see and hear and there’s the stealth work of many individuals not seen that holds down the peace & safety in these streets. Never give up because honestly, it’s not a viable option to do so.“



November 5th-7th, the Baltimore Ceasefire/ Peace Challenge Weekend ALL DAY. Special thanks for our division Ambassador At Large, Sister Charlene for always dedicating her time and energy to our community. If you can, please try to check out these events.


Beginning November 1st, 10- 5am patrons of the Walbrook Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library are invited to remember those they have lost to gun violence and express their hopes for a future free from additional loss through the decoration of a CD which will be hung in our street facing windows.

CDs can contain the names of those who have fallen victim to gun violence or contain words and images express their grief and hopes. The activity will end on November 6th; however, the display will remain in place for two weeks after.

All supplies provided by the library while supplies last. We plan to show various videos in our meeting room throughout the week regarding gun violence and the steps people have taken to move forward into a future safe from gun violence. We have requested to show Sage.

This event is hosted by Jodi Apps at Pratt Library. Contact them about this event at [email protected] Details

Ceasefire Weekend Opening Rally 10:30PM -12:30 AM 11/5-11/6/2-21

We will open the Ceasefire Weekend by hosting a rally and block party in Edmondson Village. Come help us spread the love and share the message of peace!

This event is hosted by Baltimore Ceasefire 365 Ambassadors, Brigit Molony and Lynijah Forman. Contact them at [email protected].

Peace Run/Walk in Patterson Park

Join Runners4Justice for a Peace Challenge Run/Walk in Patterson Park during the November Ceasefire weekend!

We’ll gather at 9am at the Patterson Park Observatory (near Patterson Park Ave. & E. Lombard St. 21224). Together, we will raise up the names of those who have lost their lives since the last Ceasefire weekend. Then, we will enjoy nature and the park together, walking, running, or biking. One group will run to some of the places near the park where people have lost their lives (~3 mile light jog). Others will walk the park with chalk to put positive messages around the park. This is a family friendly event – kids, strollers, dogs all welcome!

We’ll have sidewalk chalk to write messages of peace, joy, and healing along the trail as we go! Feel free to bring sage, chalk, bubbles with you, as well.


This is a walk amongst neighbors to show solidarity and to encourage healing while not only our community but communities across Baltimore City who are experiencing change.

This event is hosted by Dani. Contact her about this event at [email protected].


Calling all GARVEYITES!! This Saturday we are back at it via ZOOM for our UNIA-ACL BI-WEEKLY meeting. Learn whats happening in Baltimore to uplift our culture, and much more. The meeting will begin at 2:00 pm sharp. We will be discussing our FREE FOOD GIVEAWAY as well. For more information text the word ” MEETING ” to 443-339-6910. To learn more about the UNIA-ACL BALTIMORE DIVISION 106 BARCA-CLARKE fill out the form below.

UNIA-ACL Baltimore Division 106 next event: Brooklyn Park Elementary Food and Coat drive

November 10, at 3pm sharp at Brooklyn Park elementary schooL THE UNIA-ACL will be giving out FREE groceries and serving FREE hot food. Our last food giveaway was at Druid Hill park. This time we are not just serving food, we are providing groceries. Come out and get some good grub, groceries, and support your local community. If you have any coats to give away please bring them as well. For more info email us at [email protected]


We will have our bi-weekly meeting for the black community via Zoom 2pm Saturday. We will discuss our upcoming events such as our HOLIDAY FREE FOOD GIVE-AWAY, our upcoming FREE BOOK CLUB and much more. If you are interesting in talking about important issues in our community, to promoting a black own business, to learning about the Universal Negro Improvement Association- African Communities League feel free to join us. For more information fill out the form below.

UNIA-ACL Division 106 Study Group: RACE FIRST by Tony Martin

Our next study group will begin Thursday October 28, 2021 VIA ZOOM!!! Will will be reading the book Race First by Tony Martin. You DON’T need the book, and you DON’T need to know how to read to participate. We do suggest you get the book to have to study and share knowledge. We will have readers, break down each section of the book, and ask questions after. This book is a requirement for all UNIA-ACL members and is great for anyone in the black community. Join us by clicking HERE!!

For more information please Text “ STUDY GROUP “ to (443) 339-6910 to get the Zoom link and any updates or fill out form below.


Thanks to our First Vice and Minister of Education James Richardson for taking the lead on the implementation of our Food program. We will be doing events throughout the community of Baltimore giving out FREE FOOD. The great part of this program is we will be providing groceries and serving hot food. Our organization is becoming second to none in Baltimore with our outreach efforts and we plan on taking it to the next level. For more information on how you can assist us in providing the community with food, or getting free food for your family fill out the form below.

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The RACE FIRST BOOK study group will be starting soon. Please purchase the book RACE FIRST by Tony Martin. Text ” STUDY GROUP ” to 443-339-6010 receive Text on when the Study group starts and other info. You can also fill out the contact form below

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